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    Will the girls find their way home...

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  • crash landed

    stranded on an alien planet...

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  • Planet Status

    Hospitable. Can support life...

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  • adventure

    The girls explore their new surroundings...

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  • We are not alone

    what new life awaits them on this new world...

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  • Learning the local customs

    the girls take a break from repairs to relax...

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  • suiting up

    With repairs finished, the girls prepare to leave the planet...

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  • wanderlust

    Goodbye for now, What new adventures await them next time?

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STEM advocacy

We love space and science and hope that you do too:) That's why we've paired up up with STEM non-profit group Mind Makers to help spread love for science, technology, engineering, and math! A portion of each sale will be going to this amazing organization so they can continue their mission to increase STEM accessibility for underserved adults and children through education, outreach and awesome displays of tech teamwork.

To learn more about Mind Makers go to: www.mindmakersproject.org

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customize a suit from two different styles to flatter your body type.

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Fit Guide

Swimwear for earth girls, space babes, and brainy beauties.

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